Sorting M&Ms

Wildman was home sick for a day and half last week thanks to the second ear infection of his life.  This makes 5 absences from school so far this school year.  I’m now on a first name basis with the school nurse, Brian.  For as excellent as our public schools are I could do without the germs that come with it.

Wildman’s teacher sent home some make-up work on Friday.  One of the assignments involved coloring a worksheet based on recognizing the color sight words and then sorting out mini bags of M&Ms.  She sent home a bag for Cutie Pie too.

Needless to say, the boys wanted to do this work right away!  They worked together to color in all of the color circles correctly.  It was so cute watching Wildman help his little brother color in the correct circle with the correct color.

The boys both loved the sorting part of the assignment.  Wildman did his first and was surprised to discover that his mini bag of M&Ms did not contain the colors brown or red.

Cutie Pie’s bag was a little bit more evenly distributed among the six colors.

The ultimate joy of this assignment came at the end when they got to devour their candies!  I’ll have to remember this fun sorting exercise for later.  I’m sure they’d love to do it again.


The Week that Was

A friend from high school passed away on Thursday.  It happened around noon.  Earlier this week I was thinking about her.  Wondering how she was doing.  To die of cancer at 32 years old seems so cruel.  The best years of her life should be ahead of her.  Instead, her light has been extinguished prematurely.

We weren’t close friends.  She was a year behind me in school and was on the dance team.  I was in Science Research.  She was all fun and girly and I was all shy and studious.  Our worlds did not exactly co-mingle.  However, we had one good friend in common and as we all got older we came to share more common ground as well.  I guess that happens to everyone.  Whatever stereotype you fit into high school, “popular”, “nerd”, “jock”, etc., flies out the window when you get some real living done.

Anyway, my friend was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer well over a year ago.  Her condition rapidly deteriorated as the cancer spread throughout her body.  She passed away four days after her 32nd birthday.  While it’s so sad to hear of her passing I am relieved to know that her pain and suffering have finally ended.  I’m planning to attend her wake next week.  The details of which are still being hashed out.

Last year, I saw her a couple of times at a child’s birthday party and at a friend’s baby shower.  She looked amazingly healthy for someone so sick.  You would have not known that she had cancer but for the colorful scarf tied around her head.  She looked beautiful and was vivacious as ever.


Cutie Pie has a double ear infection.  He went to bed on Thursday night saying that his ear hurt and woke up on Friday still complaining of an ear ache.  Luckily, our pediatrician was able to work us in on Friday around noon.

After one dose of antibiotics, he’s back to his usual silly self.  Yeah!


My checklist for the weeknd:

  • Pick up Wildman’s T-ball schedule, team t-shirt, etc. today at 10 AM
  • Call to make an appointment at the salon for Steph and me
  • Get my hair cut and get a pedicure to make myself look presentable again
  • Enjoy quality time with J and the boys
  • Do some laundry
  • Work on Zumba choreography
  • Eat doughnut holes…


I finished watching the first season of the Sopranos last night.  I’m hooked now more than ever!  Get ready Season 2, here I come!

While I was watching the final episode from Season 1 at 11:30 last night, I heard all of this rumbling outside.  It kind of sounded like thunder so I chalked it up to a storm moving through.  Then I heard our screen door rattle and a light tap-tap-tap on our front door.  I got myself up off the couch to see who was at the door.  A mischievous finger was placed over the peephole.  It could only be one person…

Big Red, reeking of whiskey, had come to pay us a visit.  Nice.  He had just finished watching a chick flick with Steph and decided to come outside for some fresh air while she slept on the couch.  After wrestling his trashcans in from the curb (the rumbling sound I hear), he noticed the light on at our house and came over to harass us. He was both surprised and disappointed when I opened the door.  He thought we’d be too scared to open the door to someone who had their thumb over the peephole.  No such luck.  His stumbling around outside gave him away.

J had already planted himself on our bed and was snoring pretty loudly by the time I put in the Sopranos.  I stood on the front porch chatting with Big Red basically telling him that he was a loud, noisy SOB in the kindest way possible.  Big Red kept asking for J and laughing so much that it woke J from his slumber.  J came stumbling out saying that he had nightmare that Big Red was on our doorstep and was frightened to find that it wasn’t a dream at all.  🙂

They ended up walking to the beach together for some quality man bonding and I went back to my show.  I was happy to have peace and quiet again.