One in a Million

As part of Disney’s Give a Day.  Get a Day. volunteer program, I participated in a local beach clean up on Saturday morning while J and the boys were at the t-ball game.  I consider our beaches pretty darn clean at least when compared to the beaches that we frequented when we lived on the TX Gulf coast.  You don’t see abandoned cars, diapers, liquor bottles, etc. polluting environment here.  But that does not mean that we don’t have litter bugs here in FL too.  Now that I’ve done the 2010 Trash Bash and seen how much junk was collected from our shoreline,  I’m looking forward to coming back year after year.

This lady and I were one of the first ones to head north on the beach armed with our black trash bags and latex gloves.  As a result, we found most of the bigger garbage.

The irony of finding a trashcan washed up on the beach was not lost on me.  However, I was not exactly strong enough to unearth the thing and drag it back to the pavilion…  Another strapping volunteer came to the rescue instead.

An army of volunteers headed south.  After I dropped off my northbound trash bag full of junk.  I grabbed another black bag and decided to see what the south had to offer.  I figured that since so many volunteers had already canvased the area that I would not find too much debris.

I was wrong…

This photo does not do justice to the size of the rope that I found lying near the dunes half a mile away from the pavilion.  It was HUGE.

And HEAVY!!!

It weighed at least 50 lbs.  I drug that thing through the sand and seaweed for half a mile taking breaks every couple of hundred feet.  Needless to say, I got a great workout!

The nice lady in the photo with me and my rope coordinated the event.  She’s super sweet and attends my Zumba classes too!

Like I said, I was surprised by the amount of litter that we picked up on Saturday morning.  It makes me want to carry a bag with me every time I go to the beach so I can pick up trash.  I’m definitely going to mark my calendar for this event next year!!!  I think J and the kids would love to do it too.

Now I’m looking forward to joining the other 999,999 registered volunteers in a free day at Disney!