Peanuts for the Squirrels

Cutie Pie and I went to the park with Cousin B on Tuesday morning to feed the squirrels.  This particular park is practically infested with squirrels.  They are everywhere.  Probably because people like us come around with peanuts for them.

The boys thought they were hot stuff with their individual baggies of squirrel chow.

We set out to find some furry friends but were quickly distracted by the play structure…

Once the boys got some climbing out of their systems, we set a few peanuts out on the picnic tables then stood back to patiently wait for some action.  It didn’t take long.

The boys were so excited.

A few blue jays swooped down to steal some of our peanuts as well.  Who knew they liked them too?

The children loved watching the animals scurry after their treats but perhaps the most fun was the act of throwing the peanuts.