Felt, Thy Name Is Fortune Cookie

I usually peruse Martha Stewart Living and think “Yeah, right!” Most of her recipes call for ingredients that either I can’t pronounce or can’t find in my local grocery. Her crafts, while gorgeous, aren’t exactly something I would consider “doable”. I’m not going to shear my own sheep to make wool for the festive party place settings she crafts. And I’m not going to blow my own glass bottles for a decorative centerpiece. I’m just not that crafty. So, I skim the pages and donate the latest issue to a friend.

Something in February’s issue caught my eye though. Something I thought I could easily do. Something that is too adorable for words. Check these babies out:

I was looking for a simple craft project to stick in a goody bag for Wildman’s preschool classmates. I think I’ve found it! Today’s prototype turned out very well!

Sweet idea, no?