Cutie Pie insisted on using his finger paints on Tuesday morning.  He didn’t use his hands or fingers to swirl the paint around the paper though.  He wanted to use his foam stamps and paintbrushes.  So, that’s what we did when Wildman left for school.  Cutie Pie spent a good half an hour creating his masterpiece.  I was impressed by how focused the little guy was when he painted the stamps before pressing them on the paper.  Very intent, that one.



My mom had us over for corned beef and cabbage in honor of St. Patty’s Day last night. The meal was fabulous and was made better by the fact that I didn’t have to cook it 🙂 My stepdad, Friendly Jim, helped me prepare for my upcoming Vegas trip by dealing me Blackjack. He gave me a few pointers. Friendly Jim’s game is Blackjack so I feel pretty confident getting tips from him. After my card lesson we watched Austin Powers. It was a great evening out!

The Blackjack prep got me thinking about what I’m going to wear to Vegas. I bought a cute blue/brown/copper halter dress to wear out for my friend’s birthday but I think I might freeze in it! I looked up the weather and it seems to be in the low 70’s during the day and in the low 50’s at night. That’s kind of a problem for me and my halter dress since it will be pretty chilly out while we’re out on the town. I don’t exactly own a decent coat. I live in Florida. I have no need for a coat. Something had to be done to ensure my warmth in Vegas… I’ve always wanted a trench coat and this seemed like a great reason to go get myself one.

I decided to set off on my quest once I’d gotten both Wildman and Cutie Pie down for their afternoon naps. Since I’m probably not going to wear the coat again, I didn’t want to spend a great deal of money on it. I ended up at Target because I also needed eggs (dyeing Easter eggs this week) and wood chips (beer can chicken for dinner). What do you know? I found the exact coat I was looking for! A beige, A-line, trench-like coat without a belt. Belts drive me nuts. I can never tie them very well. They always look sloppy when I tie them in the front or in the back. So the lack of belt on this number was a huge bonus! Here’s an obligatory photo of the coat that does not do justice to it or to me whatsoever. I look kind of rotund in this photo. Trust me, the coat does look good on me. I promise.

The pleats are so cute!

As soon as I got home from my shopping expedition the kids woke up. Of course. It’s like they’ve got Mommy radar or something. They can sense when I’m around. Wildman requested that we fingerpaint. I figured why not. It was a nice sunny afternoon after all. I poured paint onto paper plates, got some paper and stripped the boys down to their pants/diaper. Here are a few shots of their artwork in progress on the sidewalk:

This evening I worked on a scrapbooking layout for my friend, Pamwich. She sent me a couple of photos of her daughter’s silly hair-do. I sent her some photos of my boys. We’re doing a little swap called Trading Pages… Here’s what I made for her:

Don’t worry, Onescrappygal… I’m working on your’s too!