Fire Station Open House

Last week was Fire Prevention Week!  Many of the schools and fire departments in our area had been sponsoring special events so we decided to take the boys up to the Indian Harbour Beach VFD Open House on Saturday.  It’s an annual event that the kids love attending.  This year we rode our bikes over there.  Because it was perfect Florida fall weather and the ride was maybe a mile, we figured that the boys could make the trek without a problem.  They did great!

The garages were all open and many of the fire trucks were parked outside for the children to explore.

I love the old fire engine they had on display.  Modern fire trucks should have open air cabs 🙂

We got to watch the firemen raise the flag on the ladder truck.

Cutie Pie didn’t want to leave the fun of buckling and unbuckling the seat belts and harnesses.  He could have stayed there all day if we let him.

Wildman wanted to shoot the fire hose at a wooden target.  Cutie Pie was content to watch.

Cutie Pie was all about climbing the ladder and going through the window at the top, however!

It was a fun morning spent with the family.  We came home with a bag full of fun giveaways for the boys that included fire truck flip flops and coupons for free Slurpees.

Fall would not be fall without a trip to the fire station.


“Makin’ My Rounds All Over Town Puttin’ Out Old Flames”

Do you all know that George Strait song?  The Fireman?  Am I showing my country roots a little too much here?  Perhaps…

The fire station at the town adjacent to ours hosted an open house last Saturday.  The theme was “community helpers” last week at Wildman’s preschool so I thought that a trip to a real fire station would tie in nicely.  His class didn’t get to go on the field trip to the fire station.  Only the 4-year-olds got that experience.  How lame is that?  Anyway, it was a good thing that we had an open house so close to our home.

Wildman had so much fun (as I knew he would)!  All of the fire engines were open for the kids to crawl on, there was fire equipment to dress up in, there were free sno-cones, some of the firemen set up a hose for the kids to put out a pretend fire and lunch was provided too.   It was a great way to spend two hours of our Saturday.  Wildman even saw one of his preschool buddies there.  His friend’s dad is a fellow kiteboarder friend of J’s.  It’s a small world when you have preschoolers…