Greens and Things Delivered

Overall I’ve been happy with the produce from our local co-op.  However,  it is a pain to run down to the pick-up location in the middle of Cutie Pie’s nap time.  If the pick up hour was a little bit earlier or a little bit later, I’d be all set.  But the 1:15 PM to 2:15 PM window is pretty much the worst possible time for us given Cutie Pie’s napping schedule.

So, I did a little research and found a local organic produce supplier who delivers to my door for only $5 more than I’d been paying!  And they have a convenient website from which to order!  I gave Greens and Things Delivered at try this week and was super happy with what we received on Tuesday.

The only issue I had was the huge window they gave for delivery.  It was basically all day.  If I left a cooler with some ice on the front porch and my payment under the welcome mat then I did not have to be home to accept the delivery.  I love that!  Our produce arrived at 6 PM though.  We were home so we didn’t need to leave the cooler full of ice on the doorstep after all and we didn’t get to have the produce for lunch or snacks.  But, hey, they deliver and it was awesome stuff.  I really cannot complain.

Here’s the list of what was in this week’s box:

green aparagus (CA)
collard greens (Lady Moon Farms FL)
fancy zucchini (MX)
cucumbers (MX)
green leaf lettuce (Lady Moon Farms FL)
box of grape tomatoes (MX)
2 hass avocados (CA)
fuji apples (US waxfree)
bananas (Ecuador or Columbia)
green bartlett pears (Argentina)
navel oranges (CA)
strawberries (FL)


The Best Yet

Here’s a look at the produce I purchased from the co-op last Tuesday.  I believe that this is the best batch I’ve picked up yet!  The bananas were actually yellow for once and not green.  In fact, I bought an extra pineapple and an extra container of strawberries.  I’m so glad that I did because they are amazing!!!

Now I’m trying to grow my own pineapple with the top of the one I cut up.  We’ll see what happens.  I have a black thumb…  But that doesn’t stop me from trying to grow things in the spring!  I’ve just planted some basil seeds and nasturtiums.  I recently purchased a hanging strawberry plant and a lovely tomato plant also.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep them alive long enough to enjoy their bounty.

This is the list of items in the produce box this week:


This Week’s Bounty…

J’s been in LA all week for work.  LA, where they got the 4.4 earthquake this week.  Yeah, that LA…  In the back of my head I just knew that they would get an earthquake when he was there.  Call it intuition or just bad luck.

Anyway, I had RSVP’d to my monthly bunco game weeks ago and did not want to back out at the last minute so I asked my mom if she wouldn’t mind babysitting the boys for me since J is out of town.  She agreed and then began questioning me about my organic produce co-op.  I suggested that we split an XL box this week so she could try it out.  My mom recently discovered that she has a gluten allergy and is trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Splitting the co-op produce was a perfect solution for this week since we don’t need as much with J being gone.

This is what was supposed to be in this week’s box:

Mango or Peaches, if avail.
Green beans

The shipment of lettuce was completely rotten and had to be sent back.  So, no lettuce for us…  The broccoli and cauliflower was supposed to have been a head of each instead of a package of mixed florets.  There were no oranges.  I had to ask for another avocado since I only received one.  My apples were tiny and egg-shaped.  It just was not a good week at all.  Certainly not the best week for my mom to try it out either.  The coordinator sent out a long e-mail on Tuesday night apologizing for the produce.  It’s not her fault I guess.  But I think she needs to search for another supplier.

Here’s what I sent home with my mom:

The picture at the top of the post and the one below show what I kept.  It’s a pretty good assortment given all of the mishaps.  There wasn’t anything to strange that would require an exhaustive recipe search to prepare.

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