Sweltering Mini Golf Game

Cutie Pie has been begging me to go either bowling or miniature golfing everyday for over a week.  I finally gave in on Tuesday.  I told the boys that they could choose our activity that afternoon: miniature golf or bowling.  Luckily for me they both agreed on golfing.

We headed up to Funntasia in Cape Canaveral to use Wildman’s free game card that he won last year for a hole-in-one.  The boys chose to do the “Waterfall” course this time instead of the “Cave” course.  OMG!  It was so HOT!  It has been overcast and rainy here for two weeks but the skies had finally cleared by Tuesday.  Let me tell you, the heat was brutal!  I didn’t even keep score so we could move along the course a little faster.

After our game, we checked out the alligators in the feeding pond lagoon…

… and marked where we are from on the huge map in the lobby.

Then, we darted back down A1A to the McDonald’s in Cocoa Beach for two yummy smoothies to cool off!