100th Day

Tuesday marked the 100th day of kindergarten for Wildman.  Can you believe that the school year is more than half over?  Wow!  I’m going to have a first grader on my hands soon.

As a fun project to mark this point in the school year, Wildman was asked to fill a water bottle with 100 things.  All of the things that a child chose had to be the same.  He chose to fill his bottle with pieces of bubblegum.  Some of his classmates chose pennies, beads, marbles, etc.  Mrs. Lacy weighed each bottle to see which was the lightest and which was the heaviest.  It was a fun little volume/mass science lesson.

When I picked him up from school, Wildman and his friends were each wearing these silly homemade crowns and paper 100 glasses.  So cute!  Wildman insisted on showing his dad his accessories at dinner last night so I made sure to snap a picture 🙂


Steadily Improving

I had an appointment with the optometrist yesterday afternoon.  I lost one of my remaining two contacts on Sunday morning.  Instead of ordering a new box of contacts on the Internet, I decided to make an eye appointment.  It was almost time for one anyway.

I cannot handle just wearing one contact because I’m constantly squinting trying to see out of the good eye.  It makes me nuts.  Wearing my glasses was not really an option either.  I’m pretty sure that the last time I got a new glasses prescription I was in college.  The prescription in my outdated frames is all wrong.  It gives me a headache almost right away…

So, I opted to go sans vision correction for several days until my appointment.

Sure, I lacked some clarity but I was certainly functional.  I could drive, read the larger print on signs, etc.  My eyes really are not that bad.  But I was not prepared to hear what the optometrist told me.

My vision has once again improved!  I did not think that was really possible.

Prior to having children, my contact prescription was -2.50 in my left eye and -2.75 in my right.  Each visit to the optometrist resulted in a stronger prescription.  I chalked it up to age and moved on.  After having Wildman though, my vision improved quite a bit to -1.75 in each eye.  I thought that it was strange but figured it was a weird pregnancy side effect.

My eyes held at -1.75 for a couple of years.  I went to my eye appointment yesterday thinking that my vision would remain at either the same prescription or worsen.  I did not anticipated hearing the good doctor say that I am currently at a -1.00 in both eyes.  Amazing!

I don’t know what I’m doing so see these results but I’m going to keep on living and eating well and hope for the best.  At this rate, I might not need the LASIK surgery that I’ve been saving for…

Oh, I also ordered a pair of sassy new glasses.  I’ll take photo of myself in them when I pick them up in 5-7 days.  I’m so excited to finally be rid of my college oldies!!!