Another Busy Day

I am happy to report that J is home!  It seems like he’s been gone forever.  The bad news is that he seems to have a nasty ear infection.  I hope that he can get in to see the doctor first thing this morning so he can get back to feeling good again.

Yesterday was another busy day.  It began with boys dragging their heels about getting dressed (nothing unusual) then Wildman reminding me that I had promised to let him ride his bike to school several minutes before I’d normally leave the house in the car.  It had totally slipped my mind!  In reality, I probably blocked it out because riding to school in extremely humid 85 degree weather is not my first choice of activities in the morning.

I honored my promise even though I had to scramble like mad to get all of the bikes, helmets, school supplies and bike lock ready.  We made it to Wildman’s class with a couple of minutes to spare.  Thank goodness we live so close to his school!  These photos are from our return trip in the afternoon when I actually remembered my camera.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get Cutie Pie all to myself.  We try to do lots of fun things together.  After we dropped off Wildman and rode back home on Thursday, we jumped in the car to visit Yaya.  She’s still in the hospital but doing much better.  Her blood work shows that the blood thinners are working but are not quite up to the levels that will allow the doctor to send her home.  So, she’s pretty bored.  I try to stop by as many times as I can to break up her day.

We met up with some play group friends at Gleason Park after we left Yaya.  We had agreed to meet there earlier in the week to feed the turtles and let the children play on the playground.

Our plans did not call for huddling under the pier’s roof while tossing bread out to the animals, however.  A large-ish rain cloud had settled right over the park and let loose a downpour.

The kids didn’t seem to mind the rain but when the bread ran out there wasn’t much to do at the end of the dock in the rain…

We ended up going over to the children’s area of the local library then over to the library’s park.  It had not rained there at all so the children could enjoy the playground without getting wet.

We stayed with our friends for a couple of hours.  It was so nice to catch up with everyone and let the kids play.

When lunch time rolled around I took Cutie Pie out for pizza at a cute little restaurant around the corner.  He had a blast shaking the Parmesan cheese onto his slice.  We don’t usually eat out so it was a special treat to enjoy lunch at a restaurant for a change.

After lunch we ran by Publix for a few items, I whipped up two batches of eggplant parmesan (one for us and one for my friend, B), biked back to school to get Wildman, biked home, I caught up on some paperwork and planning on some parent organization stuff for the preschool, we went back out to the hospital to visit my mom then spent the late evening scrapbooking with my friend, B.

Whew!  I am still tired this morning…  TGIF!!!!


Peanuts for the Squirrels

Cutie Pie and I went to the park with Cousin B on Tuesday morning to feed the squirrels.  This particular park is practically infested with squirrels.  They are everywhere.  Probably because people like us come around with peanuts for them.

The boys thought they were hot stuff with their individual baggies of squirrel chow.

We set out to find some furry friends but were quickly distracted by the play structure…

Once the boys got some climbing out of their systems, we set a few peanuts out on the picnic tables then stood back to patiently wait for some action.  It didn’t take long.

The boys were so excited.

A few blue jays swooped down to steal some of our peanuts as well.  Who knew they liked them too?

The children loved watching the animals scurry after their treats but perhaps the most fun was the act of throwing the peanuts.


The Evening the Mosquitoes Devoured Us

On Tuesday evening, I took my boys to a nearby park for some fun on the exercise trail.  Normally they love to go to this park to try out all of the fitness stations, climb around on the huge, green concrete pipe and ride their bikes/scooters.

Our trip this week should have been a great way to spend an hour or so expending the excess energy of the day.  And it was great for about 20 minutes.  That is until we got just far enough away from the car to feasibly run back for shelter when the hoards of mosquitoes showed up.

We were attacked, people.  I’m pretty sure that Cutie Pie was lifted off the ground by those little buggers as they attempted to carry him off for a feast in the woods.  It didn’t help that Wildman wanted to climb on every. single. thing.  Cutie Pie just wanted to pedal his tricycle but he constantly had to stop and wait for his brother.  As a result, he had some huge bites on his little legs 😦

Once moving in the direction of the car, our little group was only as fast as it’s slowest member (that would be Cutie Pie on the trike).  Of course, it seemed like an eternity with Wildman groaning and moaning about how bad he itched and Cutie Pie saying, “No!  I dood it myself” when I offered to carry the trike back to the car.  So, we creeped ourselves back toward the parking lot with intermittent breaks to peel Wildman’s complaining self off of the pavement.  Mosquitoes buzzed us a every step and turn of the pedals.


It was not exactly the park trip I had in mind…  We went home for dinner and baths.  All was right with the world after that.

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