Sick Day

Last Thursday I kept Wildman home from school because of a nagging cough.  He wasn’t really that sick but the cough sounded bad enough that he didn’t need to be hacking all over his classmates.  Cutie Pie does not attend preschool on Thursday so the three of us had a pajama day.  At least until noon when Cutie Pie decided that he’d had enough wallowing in PJs and got himself dressed 🙂

After lunch we could not take being cooped up in the house any longer.  The weather had finally turned nice and somewhat spring-y so I threw open the sliding glass doors.  We headed out to the backyard to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

Cutie Pie brought his squeaky balloons out so we all took turns blowing them up with the pumper.  When you release the balloons they make this funny whoopie cushion noise and fly all over the place.  The boys looooove it!

It was pretty breezy that day so a couple of the balloons got caught in an updraft and sailed over the fence into our neighbor’s yard.  Whoops!

I could not get enough of the warm sun on my skin.  It was divine!

Wildman found the softball with the tail.   He and I took turns throwing it to each other.  You earn points depending on where you catch the tail.

Cutie Pie had fun climbing the rock wall.

And Wildman sailed high on the glider swing.  I love how the sunlight gleams in these photos.

It was a lovely afternoon even though both boys were not feeling 100%.  And it sure helped beat the cabin fever that we’d been experiencing!  I cannot wait for warmer weather to set in so we can bring out the kiddie pools and Slip-N-Slide!