Mother’s Day Recap: Part I

Let me first address the appearance of my blog.  For some reason, the 1970’s rumpus room feel of the wood paneling appealed to me.  It probably won’t stick around but I kind of like it for now.

So, Mother’s Day!

We had a lovely Mother’s Day here at our house.  We invited my mom and J’s parents over for brunch where we feasted on all sorts of goodies.  I made a a dozen mini turkey sausage, mushroom and Swiss quiches.  They were divine!

I even tried my hand at a gluten-free breakfast bread for my mom.  She recently discovered that she has a gluten allergy so I wanted to make a yummy carb-filled treat just for her.

It didn’t go so well.

I baked the cranberry orange bread on Saturday afternoon.  It looked lovely and golden brown.  When I checked it with a wooden skewer, it came out clean.  I let the bread cool then covered it with plastic wrap for Sunday brunch.  When I cut into it this morning the middle was raw!!!  Like a lump of uncooked dough.  RAW!  Argh!  I had to toss the whole darn thing.

I ended up setting out a pail of yogurt cups on ice as my brunch offering in place of the bread…  I was really looking forward to tasting something gluten-free.  I’ve never had gluten-free bread so I was curious.  Guess I’ll have to try it another time.

I gave the moms each a little rocket-ship-shaped scrapbook album that I made filled with photos of the boys.  I also sent them a bouquet of roses earlier in the week.  They seemed to enjoy their presents and that made me happy.

After we had eaten ourselves into a stupor the grandparents departed.  Wildman and I lazed around on the couch for a while.  It was a great morning.

Stay tuned for the second installment of my Mother’s Day recap.  It involves lots of local scenery, an ambulance and a dragon!