This is the best part of our summertime Wednesdays as far as my children are concerned.  They get to have a gross motor extravaganza at the Tumbleweeds gym.  I so wish that we parents were allowed in there to bounce around and jump into the foam pit.  Doesn’t that look fun?!

I wasn’t sure if gymnastics was the right sport for the boys when I was looking into summer activities for them.  I didn’t want them to feel that gymnastics were too girly, which they’re not, but it seems like a greater proportion of girls enroll in gymnastics than boys.  We went over to the gym one Saturday to check it out and the boys were fascinated by all the activity going on.  So, I signed them up.  I’m willing to let them try anything (within reason) once.

As it turns out, it was a perfect choice!  Wildman and Cutie Pie want to stay at the gym all day.  They love it!  The best part for me is that they can be in the same class.  In fact, the class is made up of only 4 children.  Half are mine and half are my friend, B’s!  We sit behind the glass watching our kids and chatting about life.

If only I can figure out a way to swing into that foam pit…


Spring Festival

The church where Steph and I teach Zumba on Monday and Wednesday evenings hosted a Spring Festival for the community on Saturday morning.  The youth director asked if we would do Zumba for the children in the gym.  Since Steph worked on Saturday I took the job solo.

Whew!  What a workout!  I essentially jumped and danced around for 3 hours straight.  It was a lot of fun.  The children LOVED it and that makes my job worth while!

J came up to the church with our boys around 10 AM.  He took them around to check out all the fun things like the Easter egg hunt and the pony rides.  Wildman’s face in this picture cracks me up.  J assured me that he actually did have a good time on the pony even though he looks thoroughly pissed in the photo!

There was a pot-bellied pig for the children to pet as well.  Cutie Pie looks so cute pondering the pig.

I was finally able to leave my post in the gym around noon.  I met my men outside for a hot dog and popcorn.  I was able to watch the boys wear themselves out on the huge slide and bouncy house that was set up in the church’s side lot.

All-in-all it was a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning and I got a great workout to boot!