Last Week of School

As the school year draws to a close, I’m taking advantage of my brief, kid-free moments to enjoy some things that would be too difficult with two active boys in tow.  This was me on Monday morning at my favorite salon.  The best pedicures in town are done by Christine.  She’s meticulous and takes the time to do it right.  Christine also cut my shaggy bangs.  I’m trying to grow the rest of my hair out a bit but the bangs were driving me bonkers.  They kept falling into my eyes.

I didn’t have much time for fun errands on Wednesday due to last minute party preparations for Mrs. H’s surprise party in Wildman’s class.  But I did manage to pick up some amazing high heels that I will wear for our Girls Night Out to see Sex and the City 2.  I told Steph that she can’t go without me.  The movie is released when we’re in DC so we’re planning a fun night out for when I return.  I don’t have a photo of the shoes but I will take one soon and post it.  They’re too great not to share 🙂

Friday is it for the 2009-2010 school year!  As trite as it sounds, I cannot believe how quickly it has flown.  My oldest will be off to Kindergarten in August.  We’ve got to make the most of our short summer break before he makes the big leap.  Bring on the pool, play dates and water parks!


Haircut for Partying

I finally got my hair cut last Thursday night.  It had been a long time coming.  I was looking pretty shaggy.  It seems like my haircuts always get pushed to the back burner.  My long brown hair is very low maintenance so if  I let it go 12-18 weeks between trims, it’s not such a big deal.  I don’t have any highlights or roots to touch up.  I don’t have a perm or anything else either.  It’s easy to let it slip down the priority list.

Dr. Cindita and Secret Agent Man’s Florida wedding reception (married in Fiji, live in San Francisco, grew up in FL) was this weekend.  That lit a fire under me to do something about my shagginess.  I couldn’t show up to a mini-high school reunion looking like a Muppet.

Saturday was the reception.  My in-laws took the rug rats for an overnight stay at their house.  It was so nice to enjoy a night out with so many dear friends.  The party was beautiful.  We ate, drank and danced the night away with some people we haven’t seen in years and others we’d only just met.  We stayed out until almost 2 AM and woke up at 11 AM.  It was a small luxury that J and I haven’t enjoyed since our D.I.N.K. (dual income, no kids) days.

Dr. Cindita, Yaya and Me

Dr. Cindita, Yaya and Me

Doesn’t Dr. Cindita look gorgeous?  Marriage definitely becomes her.

This morning found us at a beach enjoying Starbucks and pumpkin scones before we picked up the boys.  It was a small slice of Heaven 🙂