Pink Flamingos Aren’t Just for the Trailer Park

Cutie Pie’s sweet preschool Christmas program was last Friday.  The kids did a wonderful job performing the holiday songs they’d worked so hard on.  Cutie Pie dressed as the king in the white robe and did an awesome job of remembering all of the words and hand motions for his songs.  Adorable!

I was in charge of the program committee this year which just added another layer of stress to an already stressful time of year.  Of course I was happy to do it but I’m also happy that it’s over too.  Luckily, I had lots of helpers.

This year’s theme was “Christmas in Florida”.  A very talented local artist (and preschool grandparent) graciously offered to make a couple of cute signs for the event.

Another preschool parent made this beautiful layer cake for the “Happy Birthday, Jesus” portion of the program.  This photo does not do the cake justice.  It was gorgeous!

When the children had finished singing, we all made our way over to the fellowship hall for some refreshments. Cutie Pie was so proud of himself!

When planning the decor, I asked Big Red to stage a small landscape in the center of the fellowship hall.  Since his son attends the the preschool too and he had done it a similar thing at Boo at the Zoo this year, I figured he would not have a problem assisting us.  Besides, it was great advertising for his lawn care and landscape company.  Big Red happily agreed to get us whatever plants we wanted.  We had a Christmas palm strung with white and pink lights as the centerpiece with two concentric circles of tropical plants and poinsettias extend out from the palm.  It was beautiful!

No “Christmas in Florida” design would be complete without pink plastic lawn flamingos!  We had them everywhere!

The whole room looked so festive!  I was thrilled with how everything came together.

We gorged ourselves on lots of yummy food.  We had doughnut holes in three varieties, cheese cubes, tropical fruit salad sprinkled with coconut, pretzels in various holiday shapes, goldfish crackers and pink punch made with raspberry sherbet and lemon/lime soda.  Each of the three buffet tables had a mini potted palm and pink wrapped presents as the centerpiece.  Pink and turquoise glitter snowflakes were scattered around the tables as well.

It was a lovely way to wrap up the end of the semester.