J and I took the boys miniature golfing on Labor Day because Wildman is obsessed with golf.  When I ask him what sport he wants to learn, golf is his answer most of the time.  He’s been begging to go putt-putt golfing ever since I first took him last summer.

We decided to head north to Funntasia where they had BOGO games for the holiday.  The golf course is in Cape Canaveral right across the street from a cabaret and next door to an adult “toy” mega store…  I don’t know what it is about Cape Canaveral but somehow it has become infested with these types of adult businesses.  And miniature golf courses.  They have two.

Anyway, it’s not too sketchy in the light of day.

The boys had a choice of either the “Waterfall” course or the “Cave” course.  Guess what they chose?

Cutie Pie had a little trouble learning how to grip the putter so J and I took turns showing him how to do it at each hole.  Once he got his hands right, Cutie Pie did surprising well at miniature golf.  He was either right on par or very close.

I am no expert at putt-putt but I surprised myself by doing as well as Cutie Pie.  LOL!

Wildman shocked us all when he made a hole-in-one on one of the last holes.  We were right next to the road and some guy in a BMW saw Wildman’s triumph while stopped at a red light.  The guy started honking and giving Wildman the thumbs up.  It was really cute!  Wildman was so excited and jumped up and down.  I wish I had my camera ready when he sunk that shot.  It was great!

After some celebratory ice cream at the golf shop, we headed up to Port Canaveral to check out the cruise ships.

As you can see, a storm started rolling in so we headed toward the car after a brief trip to the docks.

I’m looking forward to taking the kids back up that way next weekend when we go to the Kennedy Space Center for their salute to Brevard County residents.  J will be out of town for work and I know I’ll be looking for something to keep us occupied.  I’m sure it will be a mad house but the kids will totally love it.