Homemade Cards

Last week I had the boys each make homemade cards for J, Papa and Uncle Chris for their birthdays.  I was impressed by how much time they put into creating each one.  I figured they would spend a lot of time on one then get bored and rush through the rest.  But that was not the case!  Each birthday greeting was hand-crafted with love.

And stickers.

Aren’t homemade cards the best?

I think it’s funny that Papa’s cake has candles coming out of the sides 🙂


You’ve Got Mail

This is our mailbox.

When I hosted my Bunco group last month here at our house one of the ladies admired the mailbox and asked me where I found it.  She was surprised when I told her that J made it.  She immediately asked me if he’d be willing to make one for her.  She loved ours and wanted one for her home as well.  Luckily J still had his  stash of mailbox making supplies in the garage and happily agreed to put one together for her.  I love  how it came out:

I brought the mailbox with me to our May Bunco meeting last night.  My friend was giddy.  She loved it so much!

Way to go, J!