Stuck at Cantina Dos Amigos

Wildman was tasked with writing an original short story over Spring Break.  He had to write about an experience, person, place or thing he knew about.  A non-fiction book, if you will.  Each student was supposed to write the story at the top of the page (doing their best to sound out and spell the words), draw an illustration in the middle and the parents were to type the text at the bottom.  Wildman chose to write about the night my car battery died while we were out to dinner 🙂  Without further ado, here is his creation!

Warning: LOTS of pictures!!!


Sorting M&Ms

Wildman was home sick for a day and half last week thanks to the second ear infection of his life.  This makes 5 absences from school so far this school year.  I’m now on a first name basis with the school nurse, Brian.  For as excellent as our public schools are I could do without the germs that come with it.

Wildman’s teacher sent home some make-up work on Friday.  One of the assignments involved coloring a worksheet based on recognizing the color sight words and then sorting out mini bags of M&Ms.  She sent home a bag for Cutie Pie too.

Needless to say, the boys wanted to do this work right away!  They worked together to color in all of the color circles correctly.  It was so cute watching Wildman help his little brother color in the correct circle with the correct color.

The boys both loved the sorting part of the assignment.  Wildman did his first and was surprised to discover that his mini bag of M&Ms did not contain the colors brown or red.

Cutie Pie’s bag was a little bit more evenly distributed among the six colors.

The ultimate joy of this assignment came at the end when they got to devour their candies!  I’ll have to remember this fun sorting exercise for later.  I’m sure they’d love to do it again.

Officer Gobbles

Wildman brought home his first homework assignment last week.  The task was to cut out and disguise a paper turkey so he would not get eaten on Thanksgiving.  It was a parent/child group effort 🙂 I asked what kind of disguise Wildman wanted for his turkey.  Without the slightest hesitation he announced, “I want a police turkey!!!!”

Let me introduce you to Officer Gobbles:

I must admit that it cracks me up every time I see it.  I really wanted to add a mustache but Wildman nixed that idea.