Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Today was Sit-a-lot Beach’s annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny! Wildman has been looking forward to this event since last year. Every time we’ve driven anywhere near the breakfast venue for the past year he’s said “that’s where the Easter Bunny lives!” This is better than Christmas for Wildman. He’s been intently studying the breakfast tickets that I pinned to our kitchen message board. “When are we going to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny? When? When? When?” I’m so happy that he finally got to go!

The weather looked threatening as we piled the kids in the car. And it sprinkled a bit when we got to the tennis courts where the breakfast was being held. Luckily, the brief shower subsided and the kids got to enjoy the festivities without being drenched!

Breakfast consisted of doughnuts and juice boxes from 9:45 AM- 10:10 AM.

The egg hunt lasted from 10:10 AM- 10:11 AM… Cutie Pie crawled all around the 0-2 year-old area. He knew just what to do with the eggs! He crawled over to one, picked it up, shook it, and placed it in his basket. It was so darn cute!
Wildman went with J to the 3-4 year-old area. J said Wildman took a few seconds to get warmed up then he went nuts picking up eggs! I have visions of him throwing elbows and knocking down girls to get some eggs… Hopefully, that wasn’t the case 🙂
The Easter Bunny arrived on the city’s fire engine after the egg hunt. We waited in line to get our annual photo with him. Both boys were more than willing to sit on the bunny’s lap.
Look how much they’ve changed from last year… *sigh* My boys are growing up…
Then the kids went to check out the fire engine. The firemen opened up all the doors for the children to explore. It was a dream come true for Wildman!
All in all, it was a great way to spend the morning!
Ya-ya (my mom) is taking Wildman to see Horton Hears a Who this afternoon after his nap. And the best part is, she’s keeping him overnight! Woo hoo! I’m having the family over for Easter dinner and a backyard egg hunt tomorrow. So, not having Wildman for a little bit will be a tremendous help as I get ready to host.
I really want to go to a sunrise church service on the beach tomorrow morning. It’s such a special treat to attend Easter services on the ocean as the sun rises over the water. Hopefully, Cutie Pie will cooperate 🙂 I know Wildman wouldn’t be too keen on getting up when it’s dark, going out in the cold and sitting still for church. This is another reason it’s nice that my mom’s keeping him tonight. I can buy Cutie Pie’s silence with snacks 🙂