My camera is broken.  Saturday night it decided to have a major stroke and then on Sunday it died completely.  I have so many photos I want to share!  Boo at the Zoo, the awesome exploding album that Mel taught me how to make on Saturday night via webcam, the felt boards that I’m making for my friends’ kids this Christmas, not to mention the countless other random things I have photographed.  Crap!

I have this camera in blue (well, it’s almost that camera…  mine is 2-years-old).  My father-in-law also had a similar one.  His died the same way on their 3-week road trip around the U.S.  The camera shut itself off and the lens remained out.  I tried charging the battery on Saturday night when this first happened.  When I put the battery back in on Sunday morning the camera worked fine for a little while.  Then, poof!  It died again.  It hasn’t come back to life.  The lens is still out.  I’m so annoyed.

I need a new camera.  I hate camera shopping.  What’s a good point and shoot?  I’m over Sony I think.