Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

We enjoyed a neighborhood fireworks display last night.  I’m pretty sure our city banned fireworks but a few brave souls decided to launch some anyway.  I’m glad they did, it was fun watching them!

This afternoon we’ll be taking the boat out to the islands with friends.  The plan is to stay all day, cook hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner on our portable grill then cruise over to one of the many public fireworks displays along the river.

I can’t wait!  Family, friends, food, swimming, patriotism…  Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Happy Birthday, America!


Happy 4th of July

As you can see, Cutie Pie did not want to wear his crown or pose for pictures…

We made the 4th of July crowns and sparklers using the instructions I found here.  So cute and so easy to make!

Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!  We’ll be spending the afternoon swimming with family, eating hamburgers and hot dogs then watching a fireworks show from our boat.  I love this holiday.  🙂