My First Blog Ever

*Ahem*  Test, test…  Is this thing on?

Here goes…  I’ve always wanted to journal.  And I have a rather nice internal dialog going in my head at all times.  At least, I think it’s nice.  We’ll see how it translates…  Being the sentimental softy that I am, I would love to look back on the events in my life one day.  I’m just too darn lazy to put pen to paper.  But let’s face it, pen and paper is old school anyway.  It is my goal to fulfill my journaling dream with this blog.

Now, I’m not promising a post a day or anything.  This initial post is a huge leap for me.  But since I love the idea of publishing blogs into handy volumes to pass on to future generations, I’ll try to post frequently.

So, who is this new blogger anyway?  You may call me A.  My husband of 7 years is J.  We have two sons, Wildman and Cutie Pie.  Wildman will be turning 3 on December 21st and lives up to his blog alias.  Cutie Pie will be turning 1 on January 18th which is also my birthday, coincidentally.  Cutie Pie also lives up to his blog alias as well.  Have no fear, there will be plenty more about them in coming posts.

I’m a SAHM.  I shudder at the label “Mommy Blogger” but I guess that’s what I am.  I am a mommy and now I am a blogger.  I’m going to try to refrain from writing about how perfect my little angels are and what their accomplishments are but you’ll have to allow for some of that from time to time.   Alas, I am proud of them.  But I do have my own identity too even thought it is no longer linked with a career outside of the home.  I’m cool with that though.  50+ hours weeks make for a tired, not-very-involved mom.  In fact, this is the most content I’ve ever been.

Anyhoo, J and Wildman are back from Lowe’s…  I must run!  I look forward to dumping some more random thoughts on you soon!