Two Funny Things: Religious Edition

1.  On Halloween I saw the most… interesting… costume ever.

We went next door on Halloween to celebrate with the family at Steph and Big Red’s haunted castle.  Steph invited one of T-bone’s preschool friends to join us.  T-bone’s friend came dressed as a super hero.  I mistakenly confused his costume with that of a Power Ranger.  His mom quickly corrected me, “Oh, no!  He’s Bibleman!”  Her son was dressed in a purple and gold mask/cape combo.  She made him leave the coordinating Bibleman sword in the car because it was too obnoxious and he was getting too rough with it.

I had never heard of Bibleman and quickly Googled it as soon as I got home.  Holy crap!  Bibleman has his own website.  Why didn’t I know about this?!  Bibleman is “a human transformed by the Word of God” and he has a tour schedule that even includes threes stops in Florida and one in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Too bad his tour dates for Florida were in September, otherwise, I’d be really, really tempted to check this business out.  And what’s with a stop in the Virgin Islands?  I call foul on that one!

Here’s a clip of Bibleman for your viewing pleasure from YouTube:

Does Bibleman strike you as an odd superhero?  Personally, it makes me laugh.  A lot.  I’m all for raising children in faith but I don’t think they need a sword-wielding, mask-and-cape-wearing dude as a role model.  Just my opinion.

2. We went to our city’s Founder’s Day parade today.  One of the local churches sponsored a float to advertise for their upcoming Bethlehem walk.  The people on the float were dressed up to depict the Navitivity.  Wildman sat with us taking it all in when out of nowhere he points to Joseph and asks, “Is that God?!”  J and I couldn’t help but laugh.  The man playing Joseph heard Wildman’s question and began laughing too.  I pulled myself together explained to him who the man was supposed to be.  In retrospect, I should have leveraged the opportunity to tell him that yes it was God and he was there to make sure he behaved himself…  That probably would have been wrong.