We’re Cookin’ Again!

This time we tackled SAJ’s watermelon cookies! After reading Brenda’s post and seeing how adorable Baby Bug was with her little cookies, I knew we just had to try them for ourselves! The caterpillar pizza went so well after all… Why not try a dessert item this time?

I added probably 1/2 a tablespoon of almond extract (I eyeballed it – no exact measuring here) to the dough per SAJ’s recommendation that the cookies needed a little something to boost the flavor. And I wasn’t going to take her up on the watermelon flavoring double dog dare… OMG! The almond flavoring outcome was fabulous! We’ve all eaten our fill of these yummy treats today! So good!!!!!!!!!! J has a thing for his mom’s almond-y flavored Christmas cookies so I knew he’d devour these. You know what?! He said that he likes these better! That’s quite a compliment coming from a guy who considers his mom’s cookies to be the gold standard for Christmas confections.

Making the green sugar:

Stirring the dough:

Kneading the dough:

(Yes, that’s half a bottle of Fat Bastard Shiraz in the background. Ignore that as you ignored my dark, puffy circles. TYVM.)

Putting the mini chip seeds on the cookies:

Darling, aren’t they?!

Sweet reward for my little baker: