Splatter Paint

Guess who got roped into helping 15 kindergartners splatter paint t-shirts for this Friday’s field day?

Yep.  Yours truly.

I took all the shirts home over the weekend to accentuate the stars with puffy paint.  LOL!  The shirts look great but, man, was that ever a messy project!  The clothes I wore are ruined.


Stuck at Cantina Dos Amigos

Wildman was tasked with writing an original short story over Spring Break.  He had to write about an experience, person, place or thing he knew about.  A non-fiction book, if you will.  Each student was supposed to write the story at the top of the page (doing their best to sound out and spell the words), draw an illustration in the middle and the parents were to type the text at the bottom.  Wildman chose to write about the night my car battery died while we were out to dinner 🙂  Without further ado, here is his creation!

Warning: LOTS of pictures!!!

Be Mine

Last night Wildman and I worked on Valentines for his classmates.  He chose a package of Spongebob cards this year.  His teacher sent home a sheet of the names of his friends.  Wildman had to cut out each name and glue it onto his Valentine then sign his name and put a sticker on it.  It was a tidy little process that took us less than half an hour to complete.

This year I decided to make some test tubes for the boys’ classmates.  This is a picture of the work in progress.  I’m still working on creating the tags and tying them onto the tubes.  I found the test tubes here.  They are really cute!  I like that they have a screw cap and a little pop-up loop on top perfect for attaching a tag.  As you can see, I’ve filled each one with Valentine candy corn.

It’s a regular love fest around here!

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