A Glimpse of Wednesday

It’s been raining here off and on all week.  Our pool was almost completely full on Tuesday night.

I went outside to feel to cooler air and take a few photos of the rain and the pool.  It made me thankful for our cozy,dry house.  I love rainy nights.


Cutie Pie’s teacher has been doing a unit on the five senses with the children in her class.  On Wednesday they were covering the sense of smell.  I volunteered to do the Kool-Aid watercolor activity that I had done a while back with Cutie Pie.  She happily invited me to come in and said that it sounded way more fun than coloring with smelly markers like she had planned.

I took two children aside at a time to paint with dissolved Kool-Aid.  I drew fruit shapes to match each scent and had the children decide which color went with each fruit based on the smell of the “paint”.  The children seemed to really enjoy this activity and could not wait to smell each of the colorful cups of Kool-Aid.  The room smelled so good!

Cutie Pie was thrilled to have his mommy visit his classroom.  He kept running up to give me hugs!


I carpool with a friend of mine.  Her middle child and Cutie Pie attend the same preschool so we take turns driving them to and from school.  Wednesday was my turn since my friend’s oldest child came down with a stomach bug.  I snapped the photo above of the two kiddos chilling out to a movie on the way home.  They look so darn cute, I can’t stand it!


Wildman’s buddy came over to play after school on Wednesday too.  The boys managed to litter toys from one end of the house to the other in a matter of minutes.  Such is the nature of play dates, I suppose.  My inner neat freak was crying out the whole time but I refrained from cleaning until Wildman’s friend had been picked up 🙂


There you have it.  A random grouping of events from mid-week.  Fascinating, I know!


Kool-Aid Painting

I came across this idea a few weeks ago and thought it might be fun to try some day.  Well, when Cutie Pie saw me purchase Kool-Aid he immediately began asking me about it.  I hardly ever buy Kool-aid to drink so he was wondering if this was his lucky day.  When I told him no, this was for painting, he was intrigued.  He’s asked me to paint with Kool-Aid every day since I purchased the packets…

On Sunday I finally said yes!  J was home from his business trip and we were having a lazy family day.  It was the perfect time to try Kool-Aid painting.  Cutie Pie had a great time with this project.

The water color effect was quite lovely and the artwork smelled awesome!

Ice Pops!

I was browsing our local dollar store this weekend for some fun things I thought the boys would like.  There staring at me on one of the shelves was an ice pop mold.  Wildman loves ice pops!  Cutie Pie likes the idea of ice pops but doesn’t really care to eat them.  He’s not a fan of cold things.  Making our own ice pops seemed like the perfect summer project for Wildman so I quickly snapped up the plastic mold.

Today was an at-home day for us.  The pool guys were here and I had some housework to finish up.  It was the perfect occasion to try out the ice pop mold.  So, we whipped up a batch of  lemonade Kool Aid.

I love the pitcher we used for the Kool Aid.  It has a built in stirrer in the lid!  It’s great for drinks that settle over time.  Things like real, homemade lemonade (not Kool Aid)…  I got it at a Pampered Chef party a long time ago.  Here’s a link.

I poured the lemonade into the molds.

The boys secured the handles.

Wildman ever so carefully walked the unfrozen ice pops over to the freezer and slid them onto a shelf.  He did a great job.  No spills!

The hardest part was waiting…

They were finally frozen by the time Cutie Pie went down for a nap.  So, Wildman indulged himself.  Yum!

I think I need to buy an assortment of Kool Aid flavors because I have a feeling that we’ll be doing this again real soon!