Behind the Glass

Last Saturday we watched wee gymnasts tumble behind the glass when I signed the boys up for a summer class here.

Then we went to watch the doughnuts being made.  Wildman’s favorite part was the “Waterfall of Glaze!!!”

Little Leaguers receive a free doughnut when they come in in uniform.

So much for healthy snacks…



Our Magic Kingdom/hotel/Chuck E. Cheese’s extravaganza weekend was such fun!  But it did not go exactly according to plan…

J has been seriously ill with some kind of nasty bug for about a week.  He had been suffering from the mother of all headaches for two straight days prior to our trip.  He was in no shape to hit a theme park on Saturday morning.  So, me, being Super Mom, took the boys to Orlando solo.

The boys were so well behaved.  I think they knew I was outnumbered and decided to take it easy on me.  Thank God for that!  We had a great time together!

With the help of a rented double stroller, the day was perfect 🙂  It was the best $31 I’ve ever spent.  (Ouch! The Mouse does price gouge, doesn’t he?!) Without that stroller, I’m pretty sure the day would have been miserable for all of us.  I refused to bring our Sit-N-Stand because there was no way that I was lugging that thing onto a tram and a monorail with two rambunctious preschoolers by myself.  I don’t have enough arms or patience for that kind of thing.

Ironically, Steph ended up taking some time off of work and was free on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  She was able to meet us at our hotel on Saturday night with her boys, spend the night and join us at Chuck E. Cheese’s for a little birthday par-tay. She showed up at the hotel with two dozen Kripsy Kremes and a bottle of chardonnay.  Is she awesome or what?!

I’m thrilled that she joined us because it would have been kind of pathetic being alone.  I know the boys would have had fun either way but having family around to share Cutie Pie’s special celebration made our weekend all the more memorable.

Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie!  I love you more that words can express.