Lego Store Orlando

The boys did not have preschool on Wednesday for Veteran’s Day.  I was tired of staying home and was looking for something fun for us to do.  Orlando’s new H&M opened recently at the Florida Mall and I was itching to check it out.  I had also recently discovered that Downtown Disney has a Lego store.  It sounded like a plan to me!  We set out bright and early by way of Krispy Kreme!

I don’t have any photos from H&M but, trust me, it was awesome!  I bought some great clothes and accessories.  Perhaps that could be another post?  A fashion show?

We ate a quick lunch after leaving the Florida Mall and headed over to Downtown Disney.  The Lego store was AMAZING!

There was an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling bins containing individual Lego blocks.  It was so colorful.  It looked like a candy shop!

There were lots of little building stations set up in front of the store.  The boys enjoyed making towers with all of the tiny pieces.

The boys also enjoyed watching the Lego car races.  They did not want to build their own cars and were content to watch the other kids.  It was so neat!

Of course, my boys were all about the Lego play structure.  They spent a good chunk of time playing on it while I took pictures.

It was a great day!  We’ll have to pay a visit to the Lego store again soon.