Picking Up the Slack

The little world of Satellite Beach Storytime was rocked in December when Miss Mary, beloved librarian and storytime hostess, announced she was retiring.  Miss Mary was our most favorite librarian, by far.  We faithfully attended her gatherings for three years.  Wildman attended her toddler classes and graduated to the big kid classes in August.  Cutie Pie started his first toddler storytime in August as well.  *sigh*  We were all a little bummed by the news of her retirement.

What’s more surprising is the fact that the county library system has not hired a replacement and as a result all storytimes have been suspended until mid-February.  Miss Mary threw out the teaser that storytime could be continued by a parent if someone was willing to step up to lead it.  Well, you can guess who that volunteer was, right?  Mmm, hmmm.  That’s correct.  Me.  I volunteered myself and my friend, B, to lead storytime on Thursday mornings until a replacement librarian could be found.

What I find completely amazing is the that none of the other youth librarians stepped up.  Its like they’re striking or something.  One of them lead toddler storytime this year at a different time than Miss Mary.  And she’s just not doing it now that Miss Mary is gone.  I since some political tension….  Storytime is only 45-minutes for Heaven’s sake.  Can’t someone just suck it up and go lead it.  Geez.

Whatever.  I think it will be fun to be the interim storytime hostess.  The librarians have agreed to open up the meeting room for B and me, call all the parents to let them know about the meetings on Thursday morning and set up the storytime cart of goodies for us.  I’m trying to remember the program of events that Miss Mary so skillfully lead us through each week!  I hope the little rhymes are on the cart…  Wish me luck.


Last Thursday’s Post

I’m not sure what happened to my post from last Thursday. It mysteriously vanished from WordPress… I supposed it’s floating around cyberspace lost.

So, here are the photos that you missed out on.

We did more art projects last Thursday.

Cutie Pie enjoyed using his boatcar full of toddler markers and paints!

Wildman used the two-brush technique to paint his fish figurine.

We decided to do a science experiment before heading to the library for story time. I asked Wildman to gather up a bunch of small toys. We placed them on construction paper in the sun for an hour and a half.

This is what we got. Science as art!

It was “X” week at the library. The theme was doctors and dentists (because they use x-rays…)! This was the medical kit craft that the kids got to make. The little bag has a tongue depressor, cotton ball and band-aid in it. So cute!

We went to Day Out with Thomas on Friday! It was so much fun! I didn’t bring my camera with me. I’ll have to get the photos from my cousin and friend to share here with you!