Opening Day 2011

Saturday was the Little League Opening Day.  The boys and J had to arrive at 9:20 AM for team and individual pictures.  I met them at the ball field after my morning Zumba class at Curves.  There were so many people at Opening Day that I had to park a block or so away.  It’s so nice to see that level of community support.  The children enjoyed the bounce house, inflatable slide, sno-cones, pizza/hot dogs/hamburgers, the opening ceremony and the home run derby.  It was quite a busy day!  We didn’t leave the ball field until close to 2 PM.

Cousins T-bone and B are also doing Little League this season and joined us for a fun afternoon at our pool.  Can you believe it’s warm enough for that already?  Well, it’s warm enough for them.  It’s not quite warm enough for me.  I turned on the hot tub so they could jump in if they got chilled.

When J got back from kiteboarding he got our boat ready and we all headed up to a local restaurant for dinner.  I love the few restaurants we have on the river that have docks for boaters to tie up.  It was such fun!  There was a live band and a cool breeze on the deck.  The boys were wiped out by the time dinner was over and it was time to go back home.  In fact, I let my boys sleep in their clothes that night…

I love spring!


Little League Opening Day

Today was Opening Day for Beachside Little League.  Wildman plays for the Satellite Beach Phillies this season.  We lucked out and T-bone is on the same team.  They’ve grown so much since last year.

The kids arrived at 9:30 AM for individual photos…

and team photos.

Then the children got to play in and on the bounce houses that were set up.  The first order of business for my boys was the gigantic slide.  The Big Kahuna to be exact.

Big Red’s first order of business was to wander around on his cell phone with a huge 7-11 coffee and a bag of BBQ chips.  This is pretty much how you will see Big Red at any given moment of any given day…  He is super important, you know.

At 10:30 AM all of the teams marched over to the fire station to begin their parade.  The parade was lead by the fire engine.

J, Cutie Pie and I staked our claim along the side of the road to wait for Wildman.

The t-ball teams followed the fire engine.

After Wildman arrived at the ball field, all of the teams lined up for the Opening Ceremonies.

They looked so cute all lined up around the baseball diamond.

After the first pitch was thrown the kids were free to enjoy some lunch and the bouncy houses again.  My mom and Mimi showed up just in time.

More bouncy fun!

Just before we packed up to leave, the tug-o-war games began.  Wildman rushed over to give it a try.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.  Perfect for Opening Day!

Little League Opening Day

Little League is a big deal in our community.  The  big fundraiser for the organization is the Opening Day Picnic and Ceremony.  Wildman is just old enough to play t-ball this season.  He’s on the Marlins of Indian Harbour Beach (not our city because he’s not 5 yet…) and is super excited to play!  J and Wildman have been hitting the ball around the yard lately in preparation for his first game.

On Saturday morning I woke up at 5:20 AM to get ready to run the Stingray Shuffle 3K at the zoo.  The run started at 7:30 AM but packet pick up began at 6:15 AM.  So, Steph and I were zoo bound in the cold, dark morning.  It took us less than 20 minutes to complete the race.  We were back home by 8:30 AM.  Plenty of time to make it to Opening Day at 10:00 AM.

One of the best things about Opening Day for Wildman and his cousins was the Sno-cones.  Cutie Pie wanted nothing to do with them.

Here’s number 8 waiting to run out on the field.  I love this photo.

When the announcer called Wildman’s team, all 8 of the players ran out onto the field with their coaches.  So cute!!!

All of the other teams were called out to the field and the first pitch was thrown.

They removed their hats and sang the National Anthem.  Wildman is on the far right front of his team in this photo.

It was such a fun morning!  Wildman is very excited for his first game next week.