Little Sports

The Eau Gallie Civic Center offers a bunch of fun classes for preschoolers. This summer I signed Wildman up for 3 of their Little Sports classes. They rotate soccer, t-ball, flag football and basketball throughout the year. Each class is 45-minutes once a week for four weeks. May is soccer month.

Wildman has never played sports before. Unless you call goofing around in the backyard with his Little Tykes equipment playing sports… I met J there last night to watch from the sidelines. It was so adorable watching the 3-5-year-olds running around and doing drills. It’s completely non-competitive and is simply an introduction to the sport. There is no stress which I love. We don’t need over-active soccer parents screaming at the children from the sidelines or anything. Wildman is only 3 for crying out loud. He’s just there to kick the ball. If he ends up loving the sport then I’ll figure out how to get him involved in a real soccer league. But for now, this is just the right speed.

The coach is this incredibly patient young guy. He’s enthusiastic and has a charisma that the kids love. He has them stretch out in the beginning and run from one side of the gym to the other doing drills. He has them yell “GOAL” whenever one of them kicks the ball past the goalie. It’s too cute. At the end of class he gives them a pep-talk while they put a hand on a soccer ball. They give a cheer and then he passes out hard candy. Wildman loves Little Sports, as you can imagine. Any activity that involves candy is tops in his book.

Here are several photos from last evening. Wildman is the one in the green and blue soccer outfit that I found at Target of all places… I apologize for the quality of these photos. I don’t think I had my point-and-shoot camera on the appropriate setting.



Helping Coach pick up cones:

Catching the ball as goalie:

I’ll have to go check out T-ball next month!