One for the Christmas Card Perhaps?

They can’t resist asking for a little product in their hair when they go to my salon…


Guess Who had to Get Shots

And who did not…

Easter Bunny Photo

I promised the boys a trip to see the Easter Bunny this morning.  But, first, they had to get haircuts.  They love going to the barber shop because Mr. Carmine gives them Tootsie Pops afterward.  They’ll do anything for a lollipop.  It’s a good bargaining tool.

Wildman busied himself trying to find Waldo while we waited for his turn in the barber’s chair.

After the haircuts, I settled the boys into the car with their snacks, lollipops and a Diego DVD.  It was nearing noon by the time I pointed the car toward the mall.  I knew I didn’t have much time before the call for lunch went up.   Preemptive snacks were the way to go.

With it being Spring Break this week, I knew I was taking my chances venturing out to the mall to see the Easter Bunny…  Luckily, there wasn’t much of a wait.  We ended up being second in line.  I was so happy that Cutie Pie was a willing participant.  I wasn’t so sure that he would like sitting on the bunny’s lap this year since he’s a persnickety two-year-old.  However, I promised them both a ride on the Easter train if they were cooperative for the picture.  It must have done the trick because the photo came out pretty cute.  Granted, Cutie Pie looks a little stunned…  but at least he’s not screaming.

I had to take a photo of a photo because our scanner has long since crapped out.  So, the quality of the above image is pretty bad.  At least you get the gist though…

My, how they’ve changed from last year!

Here they are in the caboose of the Bunny Train that looks remarkably like the Christmas Train…  Look how happy Wildman is 🙂