Apparently I Have Cooties…

Last night a group of us got together for dinner, drinks and a chick flick.  Steph and I met the other two ladies at the Melting Pot for some fondue goodness and Love martinis*.  One of the ladies who joined us is Steph’s co-worker.  I had never met her before and found that she was really nice.  We all joked and chatted and had a great time.

After dinner we headed across the parking lot to the movie theater to see Bride Wars.  Once inside the theater, Steph led the way down a row to sit down.  I was behind Steph and the co-worker was behind me.  I sat beside Steph and the co-worker refused to sit beside me.  She put a chair in between us and piled her coat and purse on top of the vacant seat.  I jokingly said, “Um, you can sit next to me.  I don’t bite or have cooties or anything.”  She looked at me and flat out refused.  An awkward silence followed.  I looked at Steph and told her that her friend apparently didn’t want to sit next to me.  Steph ended up moving seats and sitting in the middle of us.

Do you find that strange?!

I was kind of taken aback by that behavior.  I didn’t do anything to offend her prior to going into the theater.  In fact, we were all laughing and having a great time.

Steph ended up talking to the co-worker (who had a hangover) this morning.  The co-worker told Steph that she hoped she didn’t offend me last night at the movie but that she has major personal space issues.  The co-worker thought the movie seats were narrower than they actually were which is why she didn’t mind Steph sitting next to her.  Um, riiight.   Sitting in the booth at the Melting Pot must have killed her then.

I still don’t know what to think.  I’ve never had something like that happen to me before.

**Love Martini Recipe**

1/3 White Cranberry Juice

1/3 Malibu Rum

1/3 peach schnapps

Top with strawberry slices and enjoy!



B, Steph and I set out for our Girls’ Night Out around 5:45 PM.  J took our photo before we departed.  We never really get dressed up so documentation of us looking decent is always nice to have.  It makes us feel good.

We headed to Fujiyama’s for dinner.  The food was fabulous!  We all enjoyed the fillet mignon.  I had the most awesome lemon drop martini too.  I could hardly taste the alcohol in it.   It was dangerous, to say the least.  During our hibachi feast, we saw things like this:

And this:

Auntie Jo joined us at the restaurant after we’d finished eating.  She drove over to the concert with us.  A spider bit her torso while she was helping to take down Dude’s Christmas lights.  She was not a happy camper.

The concert was tremendous!  It was just Bryan Adams and his guitar.  Occasionally a pianist would accompany him but for the most part it was just an acoustic show.  He’s so talented!

The audience was pretty rowdy.   At one point a lady yelled out, “You’re so yummy!!!!”  To which Bryan replied, “That’s Melbourne’s mating call.”  He took it all in stride and proved to be quite funny.  It was a very enjoyable evening.