Spring Has Sprung

This hyacinth on my back porch makes me exceedingly happy every time I look at it.  And it smells wonderful too.  This is what spring is all about.

I don’t have too much for this post tonight as I am recovering from a migraine.  I’ve been down all afternoon in a heap of misery.  Luckily the bulk of the pain has passed.  I just have the residual weird feeling in my head that comes after such a severe headache.  It’s like a shadow headache or something.

Anyway, I decided to share the spring love with our new across-the-street-neighbors this morning.  They moved in last week from Miami.  I dropped off a pretty orange plant (not sure of the name) in a pretty orange pot with a card welcoming them to the neighborhood.  They were not home when I stopped by so I left it out front where they would see it.

Later this evening as I was getting the watering can out of our garage, Vi, our new neighbor, flagged me down to thank me.  She said that a welcoming gesture like that would have never happened in Miami.  She was so nice and made my day with our little chat.  I’m glad I finally got to meet her!

Oh, and a horsefly bit my left buttock while I was laying by the pool the other day.  Now I have a huge, itchy welt the size of my hand.  Just in case you were curious…