Chocolate Jello?

“Mom!  We have chocolate Jello?” asked Wildman incredulously on Sunday afternoon as if I’d been keeping it a secret.

“Um, I don’t think there is such a thing as chocolate Jello.  Did you find some pudding in the pantry?  Let me see the box,” I said trying to imagine a clear, gelatinous brown blob.

He shoves the box at me.  “See, the box says ‘chocolate’ and ‘Jello’.  I want to make chocolate Jello.  Let’s do it, Mom!  Let’s make chocolate Jello.”

“The brand is Jello but this is chocolate pudding,” I tell him.

“Can we make it?” he asks again.


“I want to pour in the milk.  Can I pour in the milk?  Ohh, the mixer!  Can I use the mixer?  I want to use the mixer.  And lick the beaters!  I want to taste the pudding after it’s all mixed up!  Mom!  I want to sit on the counter.  Can I pour in the milk?”


The Clean Up Crew

Last week, J requested stuffed bell pepper for dinner.  In my humble opinion, nothing goes better with stuffed bell peppers than mashed potatoes.  The boys didn’t take much of an interest in my cooking endeavors until I broke out the hand mixer.  They were like moths drawn to a flame.  They wanted to help make the mashed potatoes by taking turns with the mixer.  It was pretty cute. You know how boys are about power tools.

Personally, I think they were more interested in licking the beaters afterwards…

I’m planning to post about our family trip to Animal Kingdom on Sunday once I get the photos uploaded.  Stay tuned!