What’s Up?

What are your weekend plans?  I’m heading out to another photography class in a little bit.  The kids are eating powdered donuts and banana halves in front of cartoons and J is still sleeping.  It’s a pretty peaceful morning so far.  Perfect for popping in here to say hello as I enjoy my morning coffee and my own serving of little powdered donuts.

Last Friday I walked up to the beach with my camera slung over my shoulder to see what I could capture in really windy, very bright conditions.  Because I was getting sandblasted and didn’t want to scratch my lens, I did not stay long.  One of the first things I saw lying in the wet sand was this golden seashell.  It was so sunny and beautiful.  I’m so glad this photo came out.  These are the kinds of shells that my boys like to find and give to me as keepsakes.

Who knows where the rest of the weekend will take us but I’d like to finish up the thank you notes from Cutie Pie’s birthday party, catch up on some laundry and come up with a new Zumba routine for February.  We’ll see though.  On the weekends I’d much rather play!  And J wants to take his parents out for a boat ride on Sunday and that sounds so much more fun 🙂


Look What Arrived!

I was pleasantly surprised to find Bethany’s Be Happy mug on my doorstep on Friday afternoon. I had my morning coffee in it today. I love it, Bethany! It’s perfect. Thanks so much!

Please ignore the dark, puffy circles beneath my eyes… I need to get more sleep. Focus on the newly waxed eyebrows instead 🙂