I’m Alive and the Last Minute Gift Rush

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday! I feel so much better today. Luckily, my sinus funk was short-lived.

Do you know that I came thisclose to forgetting my mother-in-law’s birthday?! I have it marked in my Outlook calendar and thankfully, the reminder popped up this morning. Whew! I don’t know what it is about June 24th but I cannot remember that date to save my life. I’ve got most of my relatives’ birthdays emblazoned on my brain but not hers. Yipe. So, I griped at J for not reminding me. He was all “Oh, I saw the reminder on the calendar yesterday…” It would have been nice if he told me!!!!

So, I went with J to swim lessons this morning to help him get the kids set up. Then I took off for the nearest department store that also happens to have a gift wrap service. I was in search of new bake ware.

My in-laws remodeled their kitchen last year and my MIL has yet to upgrade her cookware. She has some stuff that was made before I was born. Seriously, harvest gold and avocado aren’t exactly “in” colors anymore. Old school orange and brown Tupperware that “burps” when you push the button isn’t exactly what you see anymore. And that crap kind of clashes with shiny, new granite and stainless steel appliances, no? I don’t care if it’s still functional. Enough is enough. Toss out the dinosaurs! Get something new already! Can you tell I’m frustrated with the cookware museum that is in their cabinets and the excuses they give for not upgrading?

I found a sweet set of white bake ware. It has a rectangular baker, a square baker and two square ramekins. The edges are wavy and each piece has two handles on the sides. It’s pretty. It’s functional. It’s understated. It’s modern. If she doesn’t use them, so help me, my head will spin around. I might do something drastic. The 70’s must go! We’re going over there this evening to bestow our present. Wish us luck.

Here are a few photos from swim lessons yesterday.

Wildman jumping in:

Cutie Pie floating with J:

Monkey crawling along the wall:

“The kids on the bus go up and down…”