Good-bye, So Long, Farewell, My Friends

Friday was Cutie Pie’s last Music Together class for the Fall.  He really enjoyed playing all of the instruments and trying out the props.  The classroom is really nice because it’s basically an empty room with a storage cabinet and an iPod on a table.  The kids and parents can run and play without running into or breaking anything.

Cutie Pie’s teacher is Miss Debra.  She’s fantastic.  Her music background comes through when she teaches.  From her liberal use of her pitch pipe to her conga drum solos, she’s amazingly well-suited for her job.  She also brings her 16-month-old daughter to class with her.  How great is that?  The only problem is that she’ll breastfeed at the drop of  a hat.  It can be a little bit uncomfortable at times.

Here are some photos from our last day.

Cutie Pie didn’t want to share the sticks with me so I was free to take pictures of him.  The song that we sang while playing the sticks gets stuck in my head.  One line is “stick, stick, stick, little stick, stick, pretty stick” in Spanish.  I sing it all. the. time.

The scarves were a hit last week.  The scarves are typically not a hit with Cutie Pie.  He usually runs in fear of them for some reason.  I guess it just took him 10 weeks to warm up to them and realize scarves don’t bite.

The gathering drum is a lot of fun.  The song that we sing while drumming is an interesting medley of “Little Liza Jane” and an African welcoming song.  They have the same tune so it makes for a very cool jam session.

There is free play time built into each class where the kids get to choose their own instruments to play from a huge pile in the center of the room.  That is probably Cutie Pie’s favorite part.  He loves to collect his instruments, play them and then help clean up.  He’s all about the entire process.  It’s so cute.

I think I’m going to have to sign him up for the Winter session.  Look at that face!  He loves his music class.


Meet Rick

Meet Rick.  Rick Diculous, that is.  He was Dr. Cindita’s mascot/escort/cake topper last weekend during her Florida Bachelorette Extravaganza.  Dr. C narrowly escaped the clutches of Hurricane Ike to join us for a celebration of her upcoming wedding.  It’s a good thing she did because amazing times were had by all in Brevard County.

I went to pick up Dr. C in Orlando in the middle of the night last Thursday.  Ike was bearing down on the Texas Gulf Coast (my former home, yipe!) and she was luckily able to switch her flight from Friday morning to Thursday evening.  My mom came over to sleep on our couch while I took a small road trip over to Orlando International.  Dr. C crashed at our house that night and then joined me for a preschool morning.  We stopped by my mom’s house to pick her up, dropped Wildman off at preschool, went to Starbucks, took Cutie Pie to his music class, zipped over to the mall, picked up Wildman from school, dropped my mom off to get her car and grabbed some lunch at Panera.  I don’t think the childless Dr. C was prepared for Cutie Pie’s earthy Music Together class.  It was more like a breastfeeding celebration.  She handled it very well though.  She will never “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” the same again, I’m afraid…

J got home from his business trip as Dr. C and I were lounging on our bed watching TV while the boys took naps.  He didn’t expect to see two women in his bed when he returned home from work 🙂

The party officially began on Friday at 6:30 PM when Dr. C and Mrs. G went with me to Zumba.  The class was especially tough and I’m pretty sure we stunk really bad when we met up with the rest of our party for dinner…  We were hoping that the BBQ smells would mask our workout stench.  No one really complained.  Perhaps they were being nice…  Anyway, hush puppies and gossip were enjoyed by all.  Turns out all six of us have befriended the same mystery guy on Facebook.  One person in our party recalled that he was in our high school’s band.  The rest of us had no clue who he was except for the fact that he was a fellow Scorp.

After dinner, Dr. C. met Rick for the first time.  He was proudly sprawled out on her Funfetti cake with his special message: “Lucky Lady”.  And, yes, yes, she was a lucky lady that weekend.  Who wouldn’t be with Rick Diculous around?!  His come hither grin is too charming to resist.

We ended up at Ichabod’s bar for a few drinks after showers and cake at our hotel.  We sat outside and were told that they could not give us table service because it was “about to go off”.  When it’s that crowded people had to come to the bar to be served.  About five more people showed up over the course of the evening.  We closed the bar down and I have to report that it never “went off”…

Saturday was a memorable 24 hours.  Most of the events of the evening will have to be spared from this blog.  But I will tell you that we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at a local beachside restaurant, indulged in pedicures in the afternoon, visited our old high school and consumed amazing fodue in the evening at the Melting Pot.  I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination…  Just know that many, many laughs were had and Rick was there for it all.

Yes, I’m the only cool one with my eyes closed…  I think my false eyelashes were slipping or something.  Aren’t the rest of the ladies cute though?

The bridal shower on Sunday with the moms was fun as well.  Dr. Cindita is all prepared in the lingerie department now.  We shared old stories and caught up on more gossip.  It was a great way to wrap up the weekend festivities.

Do you like Dr. C’s 1000 carat ring?  It was given to her by a doctor or a lawyer.  🙂

I hope Dr. C had a great time visiting her old Florida haunts and experiencing some new ones.  It was an amazing weekend shared by some awesome friends!