The Zoo! The Aquarium! The Actuallys! Oh, my!

On the day we went here,

to see this:

and this (which thoroughly cracked us up):

We also went here:

And could not leave without our own black tip and leopard sharks…

Throughout our comprehensive tour of the animal kingdom I was texting back and forth with a certain someone trying to make plans for that evening.  By afternoon we had a game plan together for a cookout and we were bringing the chips.

That’s right!  We visited The Actuallys!  Bethany and her family graciously invited us over to their home for dinner.  Troy grilled and we shared dinner on their lovely back deck.  It was wonderful meeting Bethany, Troy and Annalie in person.  They were just as sweet and funny as I thought they would be.

It took Wildman (and Cutie Pie for that matter) a while to warm up to the new people and new surroundings.  But as the evening wore on he became more comfortable and was able to communicate effectively with Annalie in the way only 5- and 6-year-olds can…

When Bethany broke out the glow bracelets she secured a place in my boys’ hearts forever.  They still have the necklaces that they made from three bracelets and refuse to part with them even though they don’t glow anymore.  That’s love!

This sweetie and I became fast friends:

Katy loves to be petted and I was happy to oblige.  I am a cat person, after all 🙂

It was hard to tear ourselves away from The Actuallys.  My family and I had a great time getting to know them.  Thank you so much for being such lovely hosts, Bethany, Troy and Annalie!  We will always remember the fun evening we shared with you!  You have an open invitation to swim at our place any time you want.  Just let us know!