Orlando Science Center

In the continuing saga of Vacation: Preschool Style, I bring to you photos from the Orlando Science Center. OSC is very hands-on- perfect for our toddlers and preschoolers! After we checked out of the Nickelodeon Hotel we headed over to the museum where the kids immediately went nuts checking everything out.

Checking out the aquarium:

Snake in a log!

Water table with current:

I think my kids liked the orange juice factory the best. Here’s Cutie Pie picking oranges:

Wildman boxing oranges:

Peddling the conveyor system:

A good time was had by all!


Vacation: Preschool Style

My idea of a relaxing vacation does not involve schlepping six children all under the age of five to the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando and then to the Orlando Science Center. But I didn’t go for a relaxing vacation. I went to show the kids a good time. And what a good time they had!

My cousin, our mutual friend and I packed up our little ones on Wednesday morning and headed out to Orlando for a two-day, one-night adventure. Since check-in at the Nick hotel wasn’t until 4 PM, we decided to make a “quick” pit-stop at Ikea before heading to the hotel for a swim. The moms had to have a little fun too, right? I love me some Ikea! 🙂

Here’s the hotel:

Here’s the view into the backseat. The babes were pooped from Ikea:

It was about 2PM when we arrived so we still had some time to kill before we could go to the rooms. The pool was calling to us! All nine of us crammed into the changing room and got ourselves suited up.

Thank goodness for water wings! Wildman can’t swim yet and the pool was SO crowded. The wings gave me an added bit of security:

One of the awesome waterslides:

See the huge orange bucket up on top? Yeah. That thing fills with water and dumps on the tourists periodically. I was lucky enough to be standing beneath it when it happened. I looked like a drowned rat!

We had two adjoining suites. Here’s my cousin getting dog piled by six kids in the Fairly OddParents room of our suite:

Cutie Pie was a maniacal remote thief:

Thursday morning pre-breakfast snack for the babes:

We took the kiddies to the hotel’s character breakfast buffet on Thursday morning. They got to meet Spongebob, Squidward, Little Bill, Dora and Diego.

Wildman would only talk to Little Bill and Diego. He ran from the others 🙂

Wildman with Little Bill:

T-bone, Jake and Wildman with Diego:

This post is getting a bit lengthy… tune in next time for photos galore from the Orlando Science Center…