Oscra the Grouch

No, there’s no typo in the title of this post. I meant Oscra the Grouch.

I don’t expect anyone to think that the photo below is remotely amusing except the people that were at Onescrappygal‘s Online Baby Shower Extravaganza last Saturday night. Maybe it was the chaos of the late night chatting or the lack of sleep but a dear friend, Pamwich, wrote that she wanted an Oscra for her scrapbook. She meant to type “Oscar”, of course. But her typo and our sleep deprivation spawned the idea of Oscra, Oscar’s Mexican cousin.

Let me introduce our little friend:

I’m sure there are people who will find this offensive and politically incorrect but I don’t really care. It’s merely a joke and nothing more.

He was supposed to be clutching a bag of oranges but I couldn’t find a good way to paper piece that. So, I made due with a bag of tortilla chips.

In honor of Oscra, I made tacos for dinner this evening. Yum!