Bubbles and Other Shenanigans on a Spring Evening

I’m so happy it’s spring because we’re getting back to the days of doing fun things like this at 7 pm when it’s still light out.  The weather is just the right temperature for shorts but not hot enough to boil you.  If only it could always be like this!  How I wish I could bottle these moments up forever…  This is why I blog.


Sidewalk Chalk Sunday

Sunday was one of those days that seemed to drag on forever.  I woke up before the boys, fixed them breakfast and began to do some housework while I waited for them to stir from their warm beds.  The weather was gloomy and a bit cool but no where near as cold as the rest of the country…  It was a blah day nonetheless. It’s tough when J is out of town.  It’s especially bad when he’s gone over a weekend.  Time seems to creep.  I managed to get a lot of things done but every time I glanced at the clock it seemed so early.

Eventually, I suggested that we go outside to play with some sidewalk chalk and ride bikes.  The cousins were outside too and wanted to join in.  We had fun covering our entire driveway with a colorful assortment of sketches.

Even Big Red got in on some of the action.

It was a good way to spend the afternoon.  When the boys were sufficiently coated in chalk dust, I had them all jump in the hot tub to clean off.  Crazy kids.  I love it!

Simple Pleasures: The Beach

This is how the menfolk around here spent the first two afternoons of 2011.  The first day did not yield much in the way of fish so we settled on crescent dogs/a spoonful of black-eyed peas/mac-and-cheese/veggies/dip for the kids’ dinner and Carraba’s takeout for the adults followed by a viewing of The Last Airbender.  The second day brought a bounty of bluefish and whiting, however.  It was a good old-fashioned fish fry that night!

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