Open Wide

The children had a cleaning appointment today at the pediatric dentist.  The pediatric dentist is waaaay cooler than our adult dentist.  Not personality-wise, toy-wise.  Both are equally fine doctors.

This was Cutie Pie’s first official cleaning and experience with x-rays.  We did an introductory visit about six months ago where he sat on my lap.  It was a nightmare.  He screamed and thrashed around like the dentist was killing him.  It was not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Much to my delight today was totally different!  I made sure to talk up how fun going to the dentist is and how Cutie Pie is such a big boy.  There’s nothing to be afraid of, just watch Wildman when he goes first, you’ll get your very own toothbrush at the end, blah, blah, blah.  It must have worked because Cutie Pie was a perfect angel.

He loved riding up and down in the big chair.  The sounds from the instruments did not scare him.  He loved talking to the hygienist and the dentist.  It was an awesome experience!

It helps that the good doctor has Nintendo DS’s for the kids to play with while they wait.

He also has a host of full-size retro arcade games in the waiting room as well as a train table.  Children love visiting his office.  Can’t say that I blame them 🙂

As a special treat after we finished as the dentist, I took the car for a spin through the car wash- a favorite errand for the boys.

Good times!  And no cavities!!!