Omigod You Guys!

My friend, B’s, birthday is today.  She’s the big 3-8.  Only two more years until she’s over that hill.

I kid.

Last night we had a girls night out where Steph, B and I feasted on tacos, drank frozen margaritas and saw Legally Blonde the Musical.  It was great!  So funny with fantastic music.  Our local performing arts center rocks.  We get all sorts of awesome shows!

I could not resist running out to the lobby before the show began to purchase B this ginormous pink feather boa!  The darn thing had a shedding problem.  B left a cloud of pink feathers in her wake every time she moved.

After the show we headed back to my house for chocolate cake and this week’s elimination episode of Dancing with the Stars.

It was a great and much needed night.

Happy Birthday, B!