Manatee Encounter

There is a protected cove at Sebastian Inlet called Bathtub Beach.  The water is super shallow and not very choppy.  Lots of moms bring their kids there to swim in the warm, clear water.  Cutie Pie’s play group met there last Thursday.  Because it’s summer the older children got to come for the fun too.  Wildman was thrilled to play with some of his buds.

One of the highlights of the afternoon came when several manatees swam up.  Wildman and his friend, H, were actually able to pet one before it swam way.  So cool!  You can see a big white scar from a boat propeller injury in the first photo…

We stayed at the beach for over four hours.  The boys were completely exhausted by the time we hopped in the car for the half hour ride back home.  Have I told you lately that I love summer?  Long days spent swimming to exhaustion with good friends.  It doesn’t get any better.


Playdate Plus Plus

Last Thursday Cutie Pie and I went over to a friend’s house for a play date while Wildman was at his second Vacation Bible School of the summer.  Little did I know that it would be such an extra fun experience for vehicle-loving Cutie Pie.

My friend’s parents were putting in a summer kitchen at their house so she asked us if we’d like to go over to check out the cement mixer.  Was there any doubt?  All of the children excitedly shouted “YES”!!!!  So, we piled the kids into our cars and caravan-ed a few miles down the street.

Check out this view from the backyard!  I’d love to have a riverfront property some day.  I didn’t get a photo of it but they have an amazing view of the Melbourne Causeway.  Perfect for watching the fireworks display on the 4th of July.  You can see the workers on the right (above) pouring the slab for the summer kitchen.

When we got back to our friend’s house, one of the moms offered to take us for a ride in her golf cart.  It was so awesome!  Cutie Pie was in Heaven!

We had a blast cruising up and down the neighborhood.  It was a play date to remember, for sure!

Summer is Upon Us

While it might not officially be summer yet, it sure feels like it around here!  School is out, our days are filled with play dates, vacations are scheduled, sunscreen is always at the ready, afternoon thunderstorms are the norm…

My noticeable absence from this blog was due to a little family trip to Washington DC last week (which I will blog about soon).  We got home late on Memorial Day and I’ve been playing catch up ever since.  Whew!  It’s exhausting when you have to hit the ground running after a trip.  I really needed a vacation from my vacation.  Between Zumba obligations, unpacking bags, tackling laundry, the boys’  Star Wars cooking/craft class, purchasing and delivery my aunt’s belated birthday present and attending my friend’s baby shower, I haven’t had a spare moment to think, let alone update over here!

Anyway, I just retrieved a few fun pictures from my camera and thought I’d share before I delve into the 90 bazillion trip photos.  I invited B and Steph and their kids over for a little play date the day before we left for DC.  The children swam while the moms chatted on the patio.  It was a nice afternoon for us and a great way to ensure a nap for the little ones.

Because the children devoured their lunches, I decided to treat them to s’mores for dessert.  I didn’t have a campfire going and was not about to start one in the fire pit.  So, I improvised with the broiler.  The s’mores turned out so yummy!

We’re looking forward to many more days like this.  Bring on summer!

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