Heart Attack Sandwich

When the weather is nice I let the boys play on the back porch after lunch. Today they decided to get into the play food. Chef Wildman made an especially delightful treat for me to try. I call it Heart Attack Sandwich because it consisted of a slice of white bread topped with a hamburger patty, a slab of peanut butter, a slice of bologna, lettuce, tomato, another hamburger patty and a doughnut . Here’s a photo of his creation:

While creating his epicurean masterpiece he said, “You can do this and you can add a little of this and you could do this…”. Too funny!

Wildman likes his doughnuts.

Cutie Pie will just take some bread.

Amateur photographer, Wildman, wanted to snap my photo after completing his shift in the kitchen. Notice how he really captured my double chin and the view up my nose. It’s a keeper, for sure 🙂