‘Tis the Season for Pool Parties

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this yet.  Dr. Cindita and her husband, Secret Agent Man, were here!  And we had a pool party to celebrate!

They stopped by Florida (from San Francisco) on their way to a vacation in Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Cindita is from here and has many family and friends who still live in the area.  She wanted to have a get-together at the beach for everyone and have Secret Agent Man’s family drive in from Deltona.  But none of the local beach pavilions with grills were available on the date that she needed.  I offered up our house as an alternate location since our backyard is pretty much a family party paradise.

The idea was for everyone to be able to relax, converse, drink, eat and be merry while the children played.  I think we achieved those goals.  If the party had been held at the beach it would have been more difficult for people to interact.  The pavilion and grill would have been up the stairs at the park while the beach would have been down below.  The party would have been divided between food and water play.  I love that we were able to make both happen in the same location.  It was such fun catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while.

This is a photo of all of the people at the party who graduated from my high school.  Classes of 1971, 1990 and 1994 are represented.

It was a long afternoon filled with lots of yummy food (everyone brought a side dish to share) and sunshine and laughter.  I love being able to share moments like this with one of my best friends.  Even if Cindita did let a slight jab slip about a texted “happy birthday” message instead of an actual phone call.  I was guilty of this offense along with another friend.  But as a busy mother of two kids who are in school- she’s not only lucky that she received a text message on her actual birthday but that I also found time to mail her card and gift that got there on time.  I love her and, of course, would not purposely hurt her feelings.  It’s just that most days I’m doing good to remember to charge my phone and take a shower.  🙂


Wordless Wednesday

Beachy Sandy Fishy

We rounded out our Spring Break with some much needed beach time!  J arrived home from DC on Friday evening just in time to enjoy the gorgeous sunny weather.  After a week of violent storms (for us) and snow (for him), this outdoor time was perfect.

I did a lot of sunning myself (with plenty of SPF, of course)!  I managed to finish The Paris Wife and start Water for Elephants while lounging around on my beach blanket.  I enjoyed the first novel very much.  Ernest Hemingway is a fascinating character.  Larger than life, really.  I liked this glimpse into his early years with his first wife.  It’s historical fiction so I’m sure not everything in the novel happened exactly the way it was portrayed.  But I enjoy imagining Ernest as a young, tortured, brilliant, ego-centric young man.  I’m only 25 pages into the second novel but I’m already hooked.  I always imagine my great-grandfather when I read stories about the Great Depression.  So, I’m totally connected to this story right away 🙂

For three days the beach fishing went off!  T-bone caught everything from a bonnet head shark to a stingray to a whole bunch of whiting!  I caught a teeny whiting and an itty-bitty pilchard…  T-bone is definitely shaping up to be quite a fisherman!

J entertained himself with a bit of SUK-ing (Stand Up Kayaking).  It’s not a real sport but it’s his take on SUP-ing (Stand Up Paddle Surfing).  It was entertaining to watch him catch and ride the small waves to shore.

Each afternoon we’d return home sandy, soggy and exhausted.  A jump in the refreshing pool helped everyone to clean off and perk up again.  It feels like summer is here already!

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