Feeling Helpless

My aunt (my mom’s sister), the kids call her Mimi, is in the hospital.

She’s been there for ten days now and the doctors don’t know for sure what is wrong with her.  She suffered a severe head trauma when she blacked out in her kitchen.  There was nothing to break her fall so her head impacted the tile floor with full force.

She has had a the worst imaginable headache since her fall.  No amount of pain medication can touch it.  She’s had no relief from her suffering for ten days.

She’s had a couple of seizures as well.  The most recent of which occurred this afternoon.

Her heart rate remained so low and unstable after the fall that she had a pace maker implanted last week.

The MRIs, EEGs, Cat scans, etc. do not reveal anything except some “possible seizure activity”.  I feel angry because the doctors cannot find what is wrong with my aunt.  I want them to fix whatever it is!  Make her well again!

I have never felt so helpless.  I wish there was something I could do for her.  The only thing I can think to do is pray.  And pray I do.