Happy Harvest

I found this cute little autumn foam craft kit at Michael’s a while back and thought it would be a nice project for the boys and I to work on one day.

It’s nothing complicated- just 52 two pieces of foam to put together.  Most of the decorative pieces were peel and stick which made me happy that we didn’t have to glue anything.

Cutie Pie, Wildman and I put on some music last Saturday evening and got busy with our assembly.  It was a nice distraction from J’s obvious absence.  He’s on an extended business trip and our evenings are very quiet…

Our 3D foam statue came together in no time with me lettering the “Happy Harvest” sign and the boys doing the rest.  It now has a place of honor on the desk in our family room.

I love finding simple crafts that both the 4-year-old and 6-year-old can work on together without getting frustrated or fussing at one another!


Wordless Wednesday



Ginger Shack

There’s no time like the present (January 1st to be exact) to tackle a leftover Christmas project.  J was lucky enough to help us out with this one!

It was messy.

It took a lot of effort to keep it together.

And in the end our gingerbread house looked nothing like the pictures on the box…  But it was fun and that’s all that matters!

Two seconds after I took the last photo the entire house fell down.  Oh, well 🙂

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