The Golden Meatball

I try to take the boys to at least one live stage show a year.  Encouraging an interest in the arts is so important to raising a well-rounded child.  That’s why we do all sorts of extra curricular things from visiting art shows, to watching dance performances/bands, to homemade art projects, to visiting the theater.

This year I decided to take the boys to see Curious George Live.  Because the show was on a Friday night, J got to go too!  The story of The Golden Meatball was brought to life right before our very eyes.  Wildman and Cutie Pie LOVED it!  J was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it too 🙂

The acting was over-the-top and corny as you would expect at a kids show.  The music was quite catchy.  It made for a fun evening out.  Although The Man in the Yellow Hat’s pants were distractingly high-waisted…

My favorite part of the show was The Golden Meatball Girls (not sure if that is what their name was but it fits…)  Aren’t the spaghetti plate costumes incredible?!  My gears are turning for a possible Halloween costume…

A certain son of mine spotted a special treat as soon as we entered the UCF Arena.

So, there may have been some blue cotton candy purchased somewhere along the way as well…


La La La La!

Cutie Pie and I had some special one-on-one time today!  Every once in a while I like to set aside some time with each of my boys.  Today was Cutie Pie’s day. We went to Zumba Kids this morning then headed over to the King Center to see When Elmo Grows Up.  Afterward, we had Happy Meals with the cousins.  It was a perfect morning for Cutie Pie!  And I’ll admit that I had a great time too 🙂

I have a hard time coughing up the money to see kids’ stage shows.  The tickets/fees/souvenirs are so expensive!  But once a year I like to treat them.   It’s so nice to have a venue that supports such stage productions practically in our own backyard.

Cutie Pie had such a great time dancing along to all the catchy songs.

Our seats were great too!  We were down front and to the left.  We could see the individual strands of monster fur on the characters!  Cookie Monster waved at us.  It was really cool.

Where was Wildman, you ask?  He went over to his Nana and Papa’s house to spend the night yesterday and managed to swim about 8 different times in a 24-hour period!  Needless to say, he’s wiped out.  I’m planning a special Wildman-Mommy date on Friday.  We’re going miniature golfing and go-karting!  I’ll be sure to bring along the camera.